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Meet the Coaches 

Brandon Wadas

Brandon Wadas is a professional natural bodybuilder and contest prep coach.  He has been competing since 2011 and has a passion for the sport.  Brandon's love of the sport is evident from the moment that you talk to him.  He is very professional, and holds his client's to a very high standard.

At Team Iron Management, the goal is to dominate every aspect.   Whether that be on stage or in life.   As part of Team Iron Management, you are much more than a number, you are part of a team of extremely driven and dedicated athletes seeking to bring their best package to the stage.  

Brandon exclusively works with competitors or those looking to compete.


Meet Some of The Team

patrick tidewater.jpg
Patrick Mabe
Pro Bodybuilding
sam todewater.jpg
Samantha Mabe
Pro Figure
Jen Kosinski
Bikini Athlete
Matthew Selting
Pro Men's Physique
Jennifer Page
Pro Bikini
allison f.jpg
brandon wix.jpg
Brandon Quast
Pro Bodybuilding
lydia yorton.JPG
Lydia Kraus
Pro Figure
Allison Farenbach
Pro Figure

Client Testimonials

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Patrick Mabe

I met Brandon through my wife, Samantha, and since then we have become close in many facets of life. We have a coach to athlete relationship, we have a professional relationship through Core Nutritionals and lastly, Brandon has become one my closest friends.

I preface this testimonial with that information, because through our many types of relationships, Brandon does an excellent job of not letting them overlap. Especially, when it comes to coaching. I haven’t seen many coaches take their role as serious as Brandon does. Not only does he get more competitive than me at times (for me), but I’ve never had someone care for my total contest prep like he does. From the competitive side to the health and well-being side, Brandon invests his entire self into your contest prep.

Our contest prep approach was different than many (42 weeks). However, I feel it was the healthiest contest prep I’ve ever done (physically and mentally). The dieting was slow and there were diet breaks involved, but i believe this is why it was so healthy! We achieved the best look I’ve ever brought to the stage and definitely turned some heads in our approach and our result.

I travel a lot for work and Brandon made life easy for me on the road. We kept a flexible approach to the diet. We would set game plans, talk through them prior to the trip and I would execute.

I’ve worked with Brandon consecutively for close to 3 years now. Through a back injury, a wedding prep, a contest prep and now a reverse diet. I plan on continuing to work with Brandon through my grow-seasons and competitions in the future.

I HIGHLY recommend Brandon Wadas for Natural Bodybuilding coaching services. If you’re considering, start now. The longer you can work with Brandon, the more data you can collect and the better your results will be! “

lydia yorton.JPG

Lydia Kraus

“I first started prepping with Coach Brandon and Team Iron Management for my 2017 competition season, during which we successfully took home two pro cards. After establishing and working through a two year growth phase, Brandon laid out a 38 week plan that led to the pinnacle of my 2019 competition season…The OCB Yorton Cup.

Despite the two pro cards we had earned from the other organizations, it was necessary to compete as an amateur to win my OCB pro card. We battled on three very competitive stages this season leading up to the Yorton Cup. The results of these shows yielded two class wins but no pro card. Walking onto that Yorton Cup stage, 38 weeks in, we were cautiously comfortable and confident in the work put in to that point. Trusting the process and the program that Coach laid out for me months prior truly paid off, because I walked off that Yorton Cup stage as an OCB pro athlete! Brandon has a unique skill of being able to cast a vision and run with it. Looking back, I would not have traded any of my “losses” this season for wins. What a sweet joy it was to win my OCB pro card with Coach by my side, at the most prestigious natural body building competition in the country.

The most memorable moment (and there were many, many moments) of my entire 38 week prep, was when I walked off the Yorton stage as a Pro athlete, and was met immediately by Coach Brandon with tears in his eyes and a big hug (despite the spray tan). At that point it was clear that he was more than a coach sending responses to my weekly check ins; he was more than a cheerleader in the stands. Brandon doesn’t just fight for his athletes, he fights right along side us through both loss and win. He invests his heart and soul into his clients. He strives to generate programs that make elite athletes out of regular people. He is knowledgeable, ever-learning, and keeps his athletes a priority. With both goal and health in mind, he knows when and how far to push us and he knows when to hold us steady. He cultivates special relationships with each of his individual clients, all while maintaining a professional approach to his coaching. He is a real person with real values and cares about his clients even after the season is over.

I had the privilege of being coached in person by Brandon for two of my four competitions this year. Regardless of his presence, he remains professional, timely, and collected. To be honest, it’s much more fun when he’s around, but we got the job done either way.

After what will be an extended off season, I know for certain that Brandon will coach me into my pro debut with the bar set high. There is so much more to come and it will only get better with time.”

allison f.jpg

Allison Farenbach

“I only worked with Brandon briefly this past season, for about eight weeks. That being said, I still feel I am in a position to offer feedback about who he is as a coach and the genuine care he has for his clients.

I asked Brandon to step in and help me prep for my final show of the season, the PA NATURAL PRO/AM. I was prepping myself, and felt I really needed a second set of eyes to help me get into the best shape possible. I reached out to Brandon and asked if he would be open to assisting me in the eight weeks leading up to the show.

To my surprise he agreed. I feel this, in and of itself speaks volumes. Most coaches prefer to dictate the entire process versus work collaboratively with an athlete.

His assistance, was, I believe, one of the reasons I got on stage presenting one of my best packages yet. What’s more, it was one of the healthiest preps I have ever had. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which makes prepping extremely difficult at times. Brandon was mindful and sensitive to my digestive needs and as a result I did not get sick once the entire time we worked together. I felt strong and healthy in the weeks leading up the to the show.

I checked in with Brandon weekly, and daily during peak week. He offered me prompt and helpful feedback on my photos and his input helped me determine how to adjust my nutrition or training. I ran all adjustments by him, together we determined the best course of action. He was fast in his response, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I didn’t wait for hours or days to hear from him, and I’ve unfortunately done that in the past with other coaches so this was very refreshing. I genuinely felt he cared.

I HIGHLY recommend Brandon for as a coach, whether you’re a seasoned athlete like myself, or new to the world of natural bodybuilding. He’s everything you want in a coach- smart, timely, caring, and passionate about the health and success of his athletes. He’s definitely someone I will turn to for future preps!”



Contest Prep Packages

Iron Management contest prep plans are designed to bring each competitor in at their all-time best, while approaching it in a safe and efficient manner. All of our plans are individualized to meet the requirements of each person’s respected category and are backed by up-to-date scientific research.


Typical coaches might crash someone into a show with total disregard for clients’ health and may use dangerous methods to get them there. Iron Management prides itself with upholding a standard of excellence and hopes to raise the bar for all coaches in the industry.  


It is never too early to start planning your next contest prep. For more information on our contest prep packages and prices click below to apply.

Off Season Packages

If you are preparing for your first show or have just stepped off stage, a proper off season can set you up for success in the future. Focusing on weak points and properly reversing out of a show are extremely important if you wish to be competitive for years to come.


Executing a proper off season is just as important as contest prep. This is a time to work on growing and building your metabolism. Far too many people wait to turn up the intensity during contest prep, when the majority of the work should be done during the off season. Iron Management offers individualized training and nutrition programs to meet each client’s needs and goals.


For more information on our offseason packages and prices click below to apply.

Brandon Wadas
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Prep Coach/Professional Natural Bodybuilder

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